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Lead Passes

Set up: One Line under the back board with basketballs, and one line in the corner. Coaches can place cones at designated pass spot or the designated cutting spot for line of players on the outside. 

Movement: Players will both sprint full speed with the outside line running down the side line and then towards the basket aiming for the block. The outside players cut should occur once they have made it 3/4ths of the way down the floor, and will finish at the rim with a layup. The line under the basket is sprinting while dribbling. They will dribble until they reach the three point line (on the side of the court they are currently on) or half court depending on their skill level. Once the ball handler reaches the designated spot they will throw a two handed chest pass up the floor to a spot that will be between the basket and the outside player running to the basket. The object is to throw the pass early and on target and allow the outside player to go catch up to the ball in stride while moving towards the basket so they can score a layup without having to dribble.

Key Focus Points: Strong passes that cover distance down the floor. Sprinting the outside lanes and catching the ball on the move, finishing from the catch in stride with no dribbles.