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Layups with 2 Steps

Set up: Players will form two lines on the wings (free throw line extended). One line will have the balls and the other will serve as rebounders. 

Movement: Ball Handlers will dribble towards the basket. As they get close they will take their last dribble at the same time they take a step with the foot they eventually will jump off. For right handed layups the last dribble and step should occur on the left foot and the reverse is true for the left handed layups. After the last simultaneous dribble and step occur the ball handler will take two big steps and then jump off of one leg to shoot layup off the backboard.  Once layup has been shot the rebounding lines player will grab the made or missed shot and take it back to the ball carrier line. Two handed layups are okay for younger age groups until they develop the arms strength for one handed.  

Key Focus Points: Taking two steps without dribbling before shooting a layup, jumping off of the correct foot and shooting with the correct hand. Maintaining momentum from dribble all the way through the layup.