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Jump to the Ball – Helpside

Set up: 4 Players stand on the perimeter (one in each corner, and one on each wing). One offensive player needs a ball.  4 defensive players line up on the endline where the paint stops

Movement: On whistle or coach direction, defensive players will close out to appropriate positions based on where the ball is located on the perimeter. Some players are faster and can cover more ground than others so but as a general rule of thumb use the following for defender positions. Players guards ball and forces away from the middle of the floor – players one pass away should wither be in deny of their man, or in the gap between their man and the ball handler – if more than one pass away players should have at least one foot in the paint. On the pass, while ball is in the flight, defenders need to jump to their next defensive positions based on the above guidelines. At all times players should be able to see their primary offensive assignment and where the ball is located on the floor.

Key Focus Points: Talking on defense, moving on the flight out the ball, seeing ball and man – spread arms out with one pointing to the ball and one point to the man.