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Intercepting Passes


  • Area 25x10yds with 5 yards channel marked across width of practice area, as illustrated.
  • 5 players organized into 2’s in each end zone & 1 player in channel.
  • Supply of balls with coach.
  • Practice starts with: ball fed in by coach to one pair of A’s who receive & pass, looking for an opportunity to transfer ball across the opposite zone, below head-height.
  • Defender in central channel looks to block/screen ball being passes to end zone.
  • Players rotate in 1 minute intervals to retain intensity.
  • If D manages to intercept: ball is played to coach, who then immediately feeds another ball into practice.
  • Attackers must remain in the back half of their zone when passing the ball.


  • Simple progression for this practice are:
    • Additional players in central channel.
    • When using 2 defenders in central channel widen playing area to 20 yds.
    • If interception is completed: player(s) quickly attack end line with ball.
    • Add T player at either end to receive intercepted passes from central players that need to be screened by players in end zone who become the defenders.

Key Coaching Points:

  • Read & Anticipate likely passes.
  • Low carriage & sliding movement across area, using quick footwork.
  • Looking for interceptions &/or deflections of passes.