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Improve Techniques of Dribbling & Passing

Objective: to pass or dribble past an opponent then score goals

Organization: On your (20Wx30L) game field, set up two 15Wx20L fields with a small goal at each end. When practice is scheduled to start & as soon as 2 players arrive, start playing a game. The game will start as 1v1. As players arrive, the game becomes 2v1 then 2v2 up to 3v3. Once one field is at 3v3, start a second game on the field next to it.

Key Words: turn to goal, take big touches into space

Guided Questions: What if you are not facing the goal? When can you push the ball further in front of you?

Answers: turn your body till you are facing the goal. If no one is between you and the goal, push the ball further in front.