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Hot Potato Turns


Four footballs are needed for this drill. Four players will make a small circle around a middle player. Each player should line up 3-yards from the middle player. Each of the 4 outside players will have a football.


The drill starts when the person in the middle quickly turns to one of the outside players and the ball is tossed to the center player. That player catches the ball, flips it back to the outside player, and turns quickly to his right. The next outside player tosses the ball to the center player, and the drill continues the same way.

The drill should run a few rounds before switching out the center player.


  • Catching the ball away from the body using their hands.
  • Looking the ball all the way into the hands.
  • Quick turns, catches, and returns.
  • Head should turn quicker than the body to put eyes on the ball.