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Hedging Screens

Set up: An offensive and defensive player will start on the block, while another offensive and defensive player take a spot at the wing

Movement: On the coach’s signal or whistle the offensive player on the block will run up and take up a screening position on either side of wing defender with on block defender following to give screen support to wing defender. Screener must give wing defender time and space to react to screen being set, and screener must be stationary before contact with the wing defender occurs. Once screener has taken up legal screen position wing offensive player will dribble the ball over the screen to try and separate from wing defender. Secondary defender will try to provide support to primary defender by hedging the screen. The objective of the hedge is to make the ball handler change directions away from the basket. To accomplish this the secondary defender must stay close to the player setting the screen. When ball handler goes to dribble over the screen the secondary defender will step out and try to cut off the ball carrier. Defender should try to have their chest parallel with the sideline and take a fast hard step towards half court when ball handler comes off the screen. 

Key Focus Points: Talking On Hedge – chest to sideline. On over and under guards have to get around screen quickly, and player guarding the screener has to allow space.