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Getting Back and Steals

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Setup- You will need first base and a pitcher.  

Movement- The coach will say “pitcher” and the runner will take their primary lead. The coach will then say “pitch” and the runner will take their secondary lead. Then the coach will say “back”, and the runner will run hard back to the base. The second half of this drill involves stealing. The runner will take his primary lead and work off the live pitcher. Once the pitcher lifts up his leg, the runner will work on getting a good jump to simulate stealing second base.  

Key Focus Points- The main points of this drill are to make sure that the baserunners are getting aggressive and purposeful primary and secondary leads, while also making sure that they are getting back hard once the catcher has the ball. The purpose of the second half of the drill in stealing is to make sure that the runner is able to pick up on the pitcher’s body language and get good jumps when trying to steal bases.