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Full Court Layups and Jumpshots

Set up: Start with two lines, one under the basket with basketballs and the other in the corner    

Movement: First player in each line will go first and once they cross half court the second group can go. Player under the basket will throw ball off backboard and rebound the basketball. Simultaneously the player in the corner will spring straight to the key extended (key extended is roughly 5’ past the free throw line extended), turn around and begin sprinting back towards the while calling for the outlet. Players does not go all the way to corner just moves that direction. Player who rebounded will pass ball to outlet player as they flash back calling for the ball. Then new ball carrying can dribble full speed down the side line towards other goal while rebounder sprints from starting goal to the other basket. Ball carrying will stop around the three point line and through a bounce pass to player running to the rim for a layup or at the free throw line for a jump shot.  

Variation: one outlet pass is made have ball handler dribble the ball to the middle of the floor and towards the other basket while rebounder then sprints to fill the lane by the side line. Ball handler will stop at the top of the key and throw a bounce pass to the rebounder who was sprinting from the outside lane for either the lay up or a jump shot.   

Key Focus Points: Strong rebound and outlet, calling for the outlet pass, sprinting and filling transition offense lanes fast, throwing good passes, and finishing full speed on layups, or coming to a complete stop in rhythm for jump shots.