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Force Out

Set Up:  

Players will equally divide into three stations, 2nd base, short stop and pitching area with their gloves.   

Coaches will place a full bucket of balls at the pitcher area station and an empty bucket behind 2nd base and then stand to the side and evaluate.  


On the whistle the player in the pitcher area line will roll a ball to the glove side of the first player in line at the short stop position. The player at the short stop position will lower to one knee, field the ground ball, twist at the waist to the throwing position and throw the ball to second base.  At the same time, the player at 2nd base will run over to cover the bag and receive the ball while keeping their foot on the side of the bag, and then place the ball in the empty bucket.  

Each player will then rotate counter clockwise to the next station . Players will rotate positions until all have completed each station. 

Key Focus Points:  

This drill has lots of movement and requires players to pay attention while performing the drill. Fast pace is better.  As players focus on movement, be sure they are fielding the ball cleanly and making accurate throws and catching the ball with proper technique.