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Cut On Coach


Set up three cones. The first cone indicates the starting point. The second and third cones should be set up to force players to make angled cuts to the left & right before running towards the coach.

A coach (as a defender) should be waiting for the player to run straight at him.


The drill begins when the first player runs full speed at an angle towards the second cone & makes the cut towards the third cone. Coming out of the third cone, he will run straight at the coach. The coach will then step hard to the left or right. The player will burst past the coach in the opposite direction that the coach stepped.


  • Players should run this full speed.
  • Crisp and quick cuts.
  • Players should read the coach and cut in the opposite direction as he accelerates past him.
  • Players can also put a quick juke move on the coach to set him up for the cut.