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Covering Down Screens

Set up: An offensive and defensive player will start on the block, while another offensive and defensive player take a spot at the wing

Movement: Wing offensive player will head down towards block with their defender and attempt to take up screening position on block defender. Block offensive player will take a few steps in the opposite direction and then sprint out towards the wing while using the screener to create space. Player coming off of the screen should attempt to run shoulder to should with screener to not allow defender an opportunity to stay in front of them. The player guarding the wing screener will use a deny positioning to “show on screen”/deny the offensive player the ball for a few steps and then recover to their own player. During the process of showing on the screen by the defense the offensive player who is setting the screen has an opportunity to “slip” to the basketball. This slip action is protected against by the next closet player in the help side position, usually the player on the opposite block.

Key Focus Points: Primary defender on player coming off screen needs to stay connected, person guarding screener give hedge help. Backside defensive player has responsibility for slip.