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Bounce Rebound

Setup: Players pair up, shoulder to shoulder at the top of the key facing the basket.  Coach will have a ball and be parallel to the players just a few feet away from them.  The coach may also move around to different locations to bounce the ball.  

Movement: Coach will bounce the ball to random locations on the court.  As coach releases the ball, players should compete to possess the ball.  This is a full speed drill that will focus on the concept of pursuing a loose ball as a rebound.  As a player takes control of the ball, they should stop their feet and protect the ball from the opposing player by bringing it into their body.  Once secured, players can begin pivoting, and/or dribbling out.  

Key Focus Points: Chasing the ball with purpose.  Grabbing ball with both hands and securing it from the opposing player.  Stopping feet when gaining possession. This drill is about “want to”.  Some players may be passive.  Encourage them to be aggressive.