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Block to Block Post Ups

Set up: Two basketballs placed one on each block. One offensive player will go at a time and take up a position with their back to the basket behind one the balls. One player is needed under the rim to reset the balls on each block after each shot by the offensive player.

Movement: On the whistle player will pick up basketball and perform a drop step and lay up towards the baseline.  They will then move quickly to the next block and perform another drop step and lay up towards the baseline.  Players under rim quickly resets the balls after each shot attempt. Player shooting shots will continue until coach designated number of makes or time is reached (example: 30 seconds or 10 makes).

Key Focus Points: Quick fast drop steps. Finish going to the rim not falling away on the block. Wide Pivot on the drop step to cover ground. Strong, Wide, and balanced base before drop step move.