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BEEF Shooting on Air

Set up: Players will scatter with space in between them in front of you.  All players should be able to clearly see you as you instruct and perform drill.  No ball is needed during this drill.   

Movement: Players will listen, learn and mirror your moves as you teach the BEEF shooting technique. 

B = Balance.  Feet are shoulder width apart for good balance.  Foot of shooting hand should be slightly further forward than the other foot.  Knees slightly bent. 

E = Eyes.  Target the front rim of the basket.  Many players will just shoot it without really focusing in on a target.  Aim, then shoot! 

E = Elbow.  The bent elbow is directly under the ball in line with the basket.  Don’t let the elbow stick outside of the line.  When the elbow is bent, the shooting hand should rest in the shooting pocket just before the shot is taken.   

F = Follow through.  A shot should result in letting the ball roll off your fingers as the wrist snaps downward straight toward the basket.  Players will also push up with their legs generating power for the shot as the ball is being released.  

Have players work through these steps as you teach. Then, have them take several reps as they incorporate the BEEF technique. 

Key Focus Points: Good practice equate to good results.  Make sure players are focusing on their technique during this drill.