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Ball Screen Switches

Set up: 4 Players stand on the perimeter (one in each corner, and one on each wing).  4 defensive players line up on the endline where the paint stops. One offensive player will have the ball to start.

Movement: On coach’s whistle or signal four offensive players will begin playing offense with the objective to score. They must complete 3 successful on ball screens before scoring. Meanwhile the defense will close out and play defensive. The defensive players must switch every ball screen and communicate while also maintaining their correct helpside positions. To make it more competitive the coach can award points to the defense for successful stops; if the defense gets scored on they switch and become offense; this allows all players to play defense and ensures the emphasis is on defense to win the competition and good offense with the objective to play defense and earn points for your team.

Key Focus Points: Talking on defense, switching quickly to not allow offensive advantage