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Backpedal Break


Set up cones indicating two lines that are 10 yards apart. Players will spread out on the first line facing away from the second line. You can stack players for a second line.


Players should be facing the coach. The coach will command the players to backpedal by holding the football out in front of him. After backpedaling for about 6 to 8 yards, at the coach’s command, players should break into a forward spring by the coach pulling the football up around his ears.

Next level would be for the coach to direct players back and forth in the same round a few times before letting them complete the drill.


  • Players should stay low. Keep hips low with shoulders over feet.
  • Arms should pump like they’re running forward.
  • Push off the balls of your feet with knees bent. Head up.
  • Transition from backwards to forwards as quickly and efficiently as possible.