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Angle Drill


Place 2 cones about 5 yards apart. Place another two cones side by side at 6 yards and 9 yards from starting point. These cones represent the lane the players will run through. Players will be in two lines, one offensive and one defensive.


One at a time, a ball carrier from the offensive line will run the football through the cones, attempting to juke and run past the defender without getting his flag pulled. The defender will practice taking good angles and trying to pull the flag of the ball carrier.



  • Take a good angle and proper speed to make the tackle in the lane.
  • Never get ahead of the ball carrier as it will create a cut-back lane.
  • When meeting the ball carrier in the lane, pull the flag and hold it up.


  • Use different speeds to create an opportunity to either run past defender or cut-back.
  • Use jukes and spins when appropriate.
  • Don’t flag guard.