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2 Line Passing

Setup: Players stand pair up and stand across from each other while facing each other.

Movement: Players will begin just a few feet away from each other as they work on different passes. 

  1. Chest Pass – Thrown from middle line of upper body.  Thumbs should be down when ball is released.  Ball should be rotating if released properly.  Aim at receiver’s chest.
  2. Bounce Pass – Bounce should land ¾ of the way to catcher.  Ball. Should bounce up waist high only.  Thumbs should be down when ball is released. 
  3. Overhead Pass – Thrown from an overhead position.  Players should still snap thumbs down as they release pass.  Aim at receiver’s chest. 

With either pass, players should step toward target and should also step to receive pass.

After a few reps, one side of players should take one step back to create more distance between the passer and receiver.  Continue this a few rounds.

Key Focus Points: Clean passes and catches.  Step to pass and receive.  Thumbs should be down when pass is released.