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2 Cone Breakdown & Catch


Two cones in a straight line that are 8 yards apart. Players line up at the cone furthest away from the coach/quarterback who is passing the ball. Create a second station where they will turn the opposite direction.


The drill begins when the first player in line explodes out of his stance as he runs towards the first cone. As he approaches, he should drop his hips, quickly decelerate, and rip his inside elbow through as he turns and accelerates towards the next cone. When he reaches the cone back at his starting position, he will once again make a turn and accelerate as he looks to catch the pass from the coach/ quarterback.

Players should switch lines after each rep.


  • Good stance and start.
  • Pumping arms to accelerate.
  • During deceleration, drop hips as the player prepares to turn.
  • Rip inside elbow back as he turns on the cone.
  • Catch the ball away from his body using his hands.